8 Mesmerizing GIFs of Weed Like You’ve Never Seen Before

8 Mesmerizing GIFs of Weed Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Celebrate the holidays with a treat for your eyes… High-Def Spinning Buds

We’ve seen pot lube, THC-infused facials, and even weed lip balm. But still, we hadn’t seen cannabis quite like this. Welcome to the world of Nugshots by Erik Christiansen.

Because Christiansen works hard to keep everything but the strains the same in all his photos, they make it easy to compare the differences between those strains. As he explains to us total squares, the eye-catching orange bits aren’t actually that interesting. What you want to look for are the little white fibers. It’s inside the tiny bulbs of these trichomes that THC and other cannabinoids are produced, or as Christiansen says, “the good stuff.”

Although a strain’s potency depends on many factors, including genetics and growing conditions, clearer or whiter trichomes tend to deliver a more uplifting effect, while amber ones often produce a heavier sensation. However you feel about marijuana, you have to admit that seeing it this way is pretty darn cool. Click through to check out the weird, wild world of close-up spinning weed.

Thank you Florida Cannabis Coalition for providing us with this beautiful content.

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